Cancer Causing Food You Are Likely Taking Everyday

Are you aware that, some of the foods that you are consuming could lead you to cancer? You certainly don’t know! A continuously rising number of people diagnosed with cancer annually could best explain the situation. The year 2015 alone had 1.5 million reported casualties diagnosed with different types of cancer.
The primary source of cancer is from the food they ate every day. Perhaps it is time to rethink the contents of what you are consuming. Some of the foods have caused cancer to people and may lead you down the same path.

List of cancer-causing foods that you are likely taking.

1. Non-organic fruits

uidhf43ewf34i If you think all fruits are good for your health, then you are wrong. Non-organic fruits are sprayed with pesticides such as Atrazine and other weed killers that contain carcinogens which are cancer causing agents. The best way to avoid this is to ensure entirely that you organic fruits. Currently, some countries have also banned some of these chemicals that are sprayed in a bid to protect their citizens.

2. Canned tomatoes

Canned tomatoes and other non-organically produced tomatoes will lead to cancer. Because non-organic agricultural products are sprayed with chemicals and secondly, because the lining of the canned tomatoes is made of chemicals such as BPA and bisphenol-A. According to WHO report, BPA interferes with the manner in which brain genes function.
Secondly, owing to the high acidity of tomatoes, BPA that is in the can lining is leached and mixes with the content. With this chemical on your diet, chances are high of having brain tumors.

3. Potato chips

tesdi89893fvw3ew4ff4f4This is another food that may lead to cancer. They are cheap but dangerous to the body since they have a lot of fats. Acrylamide which is found in potatoes is a genotoxic substance which goes into the genes and changes them leading to the formation of cancerous cells. Studies have also linked this substance to nerve damage and infertility.

4. Processed meat

Many people are carnivorous; it’s hard giving up on the tasty sandwiches and cured meat. However, the danger of consuming processes meat outweighs their benefits due to the cancerous risks involved. During meat processing, excessive chemicals and salt are used which is endangering the consumer’s health.
A survey by world health organization indicated that out of every 18 individuals who consume processed meat, 7 of them die of cancer.