Menstrual pain is normal and unluckily reduces the quality of life during that time of the month. If you have struggled with your menstruating life, you are in the right place. Here you will learn the tips to reduce menstrual pain as well as minimizing your chances of getting the pain. The pointers will make you feel better. However, you should consult with your physician before trying them out.



Try as much as possible to stay active throughout your period. Light workouts will heighten your blood circulation and get the focus off the pain. Have you ever realized how pain diminishes when you exercise? The primary reason is that your fight or flight or sympathetic nervous system responds. You won’t feel pain when fleeing or fighting for your life, right? Workouts promote the release of endorphins and reduce the production of prostaglandins that are responsible for triggering uterine contractions to get rid of the pain. When on your periods perform relaxing exercises like yoga, walking, stretching and not intense workouts.



Acupuncture is ideal for reducing period pain. In fact, it is so powerful that sometimes its preferred over anesthesia when carrying out some medical procedures. We are not advocating for that, but it shows how acupuncture works effectively in eliminating pain. When menstruating, acupuncture will boost the flow of blood in your body, including your pelvic region to minimize the pain as well as spasms. During the other phases of your cycle, think of acupuncture to assist treat the hormonal imbalances that might be responsible for the menstrual pain.



Mineral deficiency can also be the source of your menstrual pain. For instance, if you lack magnesium during your periods your body won’t be able to perform hundreds of reactions or support some hormonal pathways. Thus, taking lots of magnesium will help in maintaining healthy hormonal levels during your monthly cycle. It has a calming effect that will relax your muscles. This will help in reducing muscle spasms around the uterus to reduce menstrual pain. You can boost your magnesium intake by including dark leafy veggies, almonds, beans and pumpkin seeds in your diet. It is also present in dark chocolate. The next time you get a chocolate craving during your periods your body might be asking for magnesium. Opt for over 70% dark chocolate to satisfy your craving and get some magnesium.



Heat will relax your muscle spasms. When your uterine muscles spasm menstrual pain occurs. You can place a warm water bottle or water bath on your abdomen to pass heat. Apart from the heat, you can also recognize salts that are high in magnesium. Like mentioned earlier, magnesium will intensify muscle relaxation.



Ginger is an excellent herb that is linked to calming digestive issues like nausea and diarrhea. It’s true that some women experience digestive problems during their periods and ginger will help eliminate these symptoms as well as manage your period pain. And that is not all. Ginger also boasts of antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that will help to reduce your menstrual pain and the cramping sensation.